OneClickDigital and Zinio are merging to become RBdigital

OneClickDigital and Zinio for Libraries have recently merged, becoming the new RBdigital.  To download this app, as well as our other eMaterials,see the menu on the side for more information and tutorials.

Once the update is complete sometime June 27th, the new RBdigital service will now hold both our OneClickDigital eBook and eAudiobook collections as well as the Zinio for Libraries magazine collection in one convenient location.

If you currently use the OneClickDigital app:

  • you will receive an update notification on your device.
  • you will notice the app icon change to RBdigital.
  • you will retain all history and bookmarks in the new app.

If you use the OneClickDigital desktop apps for eBooks and eAudiobooks:

  • the new RBdigital audiobook Media Manager will also launch on June 27th and will need to be manually updated.

If you currently use the Zinio for Libraries app:

  • you will receive an in-app notification that the app is changing and you will be encouraged to download the new RBdigital app from their app store
  • you can continue to use the Zinio for Libraries app for a short time
  • you will retain all history in the new app but will need to re-download magazines

If you use both apps:

  • you only need to install the new RBdigital app once for access to our eMagazines, eBooks and eAudiobooks.

To begin using the new app:

  • Current Users: Use current login information for OneClickDigital OR Zinio for Libraries.
  • New Users: Before opening app, create a new account at RBdigital eAudiobook/eBook website OR RBdigital magazines (these links will be updated in our eMaterials page once this link goes live).

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us at the Reference Desk at (907) 459-1020.