Bryce J. Ward

Mayor Bryce J. Ward

Bryce J. Ward was born and raised in the interior and has called the Fairbanks-North Pole area home ever since and was elected as the 12th Mayor of the Fairbanks North Star Borough in October 2018.

Ward is a graduate of Lathrop High School and received his Associates Degree in Business and a Certificate in Management from the University of Alaska Fairbanks Technical College.

Professional Experience
Mayor Ward served on the North Pole City Council for one year prior to being elected as Mayor of the City of North Pole and served two consecutive (3-year) terms from October 2012 to October 2018. Ward is also the owner of Ward Alaska LLC, a small general contracting company and also owns residential rental homes in the North Pole area.

Community Involvement
Mayor Ward's civic activities included volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America in Fairbanks/North Pole.

Role as Mayor
Mayor Ward is serving his first three year term as Borough Mayor and was sworn in on October 25, 2018. 

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