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For more information regarding our statewide library catalog system, please read the fact sheet below.

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  1. What is the ALC?
    ALC is an acronym for the Alaska Library Catalog. FNSB Public Libraries joined this consortium, or group of Alaskan libraries, in order to provide Fairbanks library users with a combined catalog and the ability to request materials from all over the state.

  2.  How big is the ALC?
    This consortium catalog includes items from 92% of libraries in Alaska. There will be over 80 libraries included in this joint catalog.

  3. What is the benefit to joining?
    From the user standpoint, this catalog provides some very cool advantages.  Users can have access to over 6 million items, and select from materials they might not have known about otherwise because they will show up in a search. Another benefit is that users can place holds themselves, saving them the trouble of having to fill out an interlibrary loan form at Reference.

  4. Why now?
    FNSB Public Libraries received an invitation to join in late 2017 that would coincide with UAF’s migration to the consortium. Since FNSB libraries were in an existing consortium agreement with UAF for its Integrated Library System that was ending June 30, 2018, it made sense to move to the ALC with UAF in order to continue receiving the cost saving benefits of belonging to a consortium.

  5. How do I use the catalog?
    The catalog has the ability to search in all member libraries’ catalogs at the same time if the user chooses to do so. When searching, if an item is found to be in a library other than Noel Wien or North Pole Branch, the user will have the option to place a hold on the item. Placing a hold will notify the owning library to send it here to Fairbanks for pick-up. The requester will be notified when the item is waiting for them.

  6. This sounds like interlibrary loan – is it the same?
    There are similarities from the users’ viewpoint between interlibrary loans and holds. In both cases an item is requested and the user notified when it is ready to be picked up. The difference is that library users will be able to place the holds themselves within the catalog for items located at ALC libraries instead of having to fill out a form at Reference.

  7. If the consortium doesn’t have the item, can I still place an interlibrary loan?
    Yes, contact the Reference Desk at Noel Wien Library and/or the Help Desk at North Pole Branch for more details.

  8. Are there overdue fines?
    Other libraries in the consortium do charge overdue fines the amounts vary from library to library.  FNSB public libraries will collect fines accured on other libraries’ items.  FNSB public libraries will continue to follow its current policy of not charging overdue fines.  We bill for Lost or Damaged Items.

    Please note, that a patron’s library card can be blocked by any library in the consortium. Therefore, if a patron owes fines or fees to another library and have not paid, their card may become barred from checking out any library materials until their record is cleared at the other library.   Contact Circulation if there is an issue with your card. 

  9. How many holds can I place?
    There is a system limit of 10 holds.

  10. What if I am travelling in the state?
    As a member of a consortium library; FNSB Library card holders will be able to borrow materials from any other consortium library in Alaska. Users will be able to borrow and return items in any of the affiliated libraries.

  11. How long will it take for materials to arrive?
    Items are shipped via U.S. Postal Service.  Times will vary according to availability and location of origin in Alaska.

  12. How long can I keep the item?
    Check-out periods and due dates are set by the home library, which may differ from FNSB libraries’ loan periods.

  13. What happens after I place an outside item on hold?
    The request goes directly to the library holding the item. They will pull if from their shelf, process and package it, and then send it via post to Noel Wien Library. Once it is received locally the item(s) will be processed and placed on our hold shelf or routed to North Pole Branch as specified at the time the hold is placed, and then the patron will be notified that the item is ready for pickup.

  14. This sounds pretty cool, how do I return the item?
    The borrowed items can be returned at Noel Wien Library or North Pole Branch and we will get them back to the owning library.

  15. How do I know the item made it safely back?
    Check-out and check-in is done right here, so you are responsible for the item(s) from the time you check them out here to the time you return them locally.

Note: Remember that you can see the items you have checked out and on hold in My Account.

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