Who will be on the scoring committee?

Engineering, public works, and department-related staff will all be on the scoring committee. We also have room for one member of the public with vertical building analysis or work-related skills.

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1. How can I submit a nomination?
2. What defines a capital improvement project? What is a "facility"? What types of projects are considered for the process?
3. How are projects funded?
4. How are projects scored?
5. Does project cost/estimate weigh into the scoring?
6. Does the amount of times a project is nominated help it get moved to the top of the list?
7. Who will be on the scoring committee?
8. What is the estimated timeline of the different stages in the cycle?
9. Will you consider partnerships with other institutions like the University or hospital?
10. Will you consider green field development for new facilities, or do we need to find existing properties to house facilities?