Fairbanks North Star Borough
August 5, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.
This meeting will be held at or hosted from the
Mona Lisa Drexler Assembly Chambers
Juanita Helms Administration Center
907 Terminal Street, Fairbanks, AK

This meeting will be conducted in-person and by zoom or zoom-only with consideration given to the Borough Operational Status and if the Juanita Helms Administration Center is otherwise open to the public. Please visit https://www.fnsb.gov/406/Boards-Commissions or contact the Borough Clerk’s Office (907) 459-1401.





This hearing may include Quick Plat, Legal Nonconforming (Grandfather Rights), Amnesty Relief and Administrative Variance requests. Public testimony will be requested as each agenda item comes up. Any action taken during this meeting or as a result of this meeting may be appealed. Appeal of a Hearing Officer decision must be submitted in writing to the FNSB Clerk's Office.

Agenda, meeting audio, and Hearing Officer decisions are posted at https://www.fnsb.gov/AdministrativeHearingDocs.




Administer Oath


Quick Plats


RP055-21 Graehl Townsite Subdivision

A request by L. Frank Stallings, RLS, on behalf of Resibuilders, LLC, to replat Lots 10-12, Block 8, Graehl Townsite, thereby creating two lots of approximately 9,910 square feet each. The property is located within the SE¼ NE¼ Section 11, T.1S. R.1W., F.M., on Second Street, Front Street, and Eagle Avenue. Staff Contact: Dave Ruzicka


RP057-21 Milles Subdivision

A request by Design Alaska, on behalf of Bob B. and Gail A. Brock, to vacate the common lot line between Lots 2 and 3A, Block B, Milles Subdivision Second Addition, thereby creating one lot of approximately 3.24 acres. The property is located within the SE¼ SE¼ Section 25, T.1N. R.1W., F.M., on Parkland Drive. Staff Contact: Dave Ruzicka


RP001-22 Vandenberg Subdivision, U.S. Survey 4315 Replat

A request by 3-Tier Alaska, on behalf of The Summit Telephone and Telegraph Company of Alaska, Inc. and Ronald C. Metzner, to reconfigure the common lot line between Lot 1 Vandenberg Subdivision and a portion of U.S. Survey 4315, thereby creating two lots of approximately 2.70 acres each. The property is located within a portion of Section 15, T.3N. R.1W., F.M., on Haystack Drive. Staff Contact: Dave Ruzicka


Grandfather Rights


GR2021-191 Maillard Nonconforming Use

A request by Howard and Etta Maillard for affirmative recognition of legal nonconforming use status (grandfather rights) for a crawlspace containing mechanical equipment for a single-family residence on Lot 3, Block 6 Fair Meadow Estates Subdivision 1st Addition in the Rural Residential (RR)/ Groundwater Protection (GWP) overlay zoning district, located at 2199 Independence Circle West. Staff Contact: Sarah Bingham


GR2021-193 Gerlitz Nonconforming Structure

A request by Markus and Annette Gerlitz for affirmative recognition of legal nonconforming structure status (grandfather rights) for a single-family home located 0.6 feet (+/- 1/10') from the front lot line instead of the required 35' in the Rural Estates-2 (RE-2) zone on Lot 1, Block 1 Carter Subdivision First Addition, located at 1770 Gilmore Trail. Staff Contact:  Melissa Kellner