Lease Borough Land

Woman looking over landA Lease is an agreement granting exclusive possession or use of borough land for a specific period of time and in accordance with specific terms (FNSBC 20.16.020).

Lease Conditions & Requirements

Leased borough land can be used for recreational, commercial or industrial purposes. Must be leased at fair market rental value rates unless for a compelling public purpose, and at the Assembly's discretion. Proposed Lessee may be required to survey the leased property at their expense. Property improvement plan that includes a schedule for proposed construction is required.


To apply for a lease, fill out and submit an Application (PDF).

Submit application and fee in person at 907 Terminal Street, Fairbanks or mail to:
P. O. Box 71267
Fairbanks AK 99707-1267 

You may also email Land Management with payment for processing.