Harry Potter Trivia Night!

Are you into Harry Potter, like reeeaally into Harry Potter? Join us for a free and family friendly evening of Harry Potter trivia. Prizes will be given away for best costume, team name, winning teams and door prizes too. Teams of 2-6 people will challenge each other’s book AND movie knowledge, all while enjoying some tasty treats and don’t forget the butter beer!

Who: ALL ages welcome
What: Harry Potter book & movie trivia
Where: Noel Wien Public Library, Auditorium
When: Monday, December 30th @ 6:30 PM
Contact: christine.osciak@fnsb.us or 907-459-1107

Thank you for all your interest. We have reached max capacity. Please email christine.osciak@fnsb.us if you would like to see about joining a team already registered.

Teams registered (# of players):
Team Stupify! (6)
Hit it or Quidditch (6)
Granger Danger (6)
Page 394 (5)
S.P.E.W. (6)
Half-Blood Brothers (2)
Knights of Walpurgis (2)
The Remembralls (5)
The Screaming Mandrakes (3)
Undecided (6)
Victor-y Krum (4)
The Team That Must Not Be Named (3)
Weasley Wizard Wheezes (6)
Dumbledore’s Army (4)
The Weird Sisters (4)
Mischief Manage (6)

Harry Potter Trivia Night! December 30th at 6:30 PM in the Noel Wien Library, Auditorium..