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Third Thursday Film Series for Adults

September 18

Watchtower (Turkey) – Haunted by a tragic incident, Nihat isolated himself by becoming a fire warden in a remote observation tower far out in the wilderness. Seher lives in a makeshift room at a bus station and has taken a job as a bus hostess to escape her own traumatic past. They go about their solitary lives until their fates collide. Beginning at first as muted antagonism, their relationship turns into tender domesticity as they settle together at Nihat’s mountain-side watchtower. Yet the weight of the past presses on the silence between them, serving as the ultimate catalyst in their relationship. (100 min; Turkish with English subtitles)

The Foreigner (Greece/USA) – A remote Greek village needs to grow in order to avoid being cut off by the government. When a foreigner stumbles into town, the mayor rallies the townspeople to convince him to stay. (17 min.; Greek with English subtitles)

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The New North Pole Branch Library–Find Out More!

Find out more about the current status of the new North Pole Branch Library including a summary of project goals, the project development plan and how you can help and a pictorial of the progress

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Friends of the North Pole Branch Library

The Friends of the North Pole Branch Library has been organized
to provide support for the library’s programs and events.
The Membership Form downloaded from this website can be either mailed to
601 Snowman Lane, North Pole, Alaska 99705 or dropped off at the library during regular hours.

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The October book display at the Noel Wien Library features core titles of Steampunk. Steampunk is everywhere from movies to an art exhibition is Oxford, England. It typically employs a Victorian setting where steam power and advanced technologies like computers coexist and often features themes, such as secret societies, found in mystery novels.

Steampunk Best and Steampunk Series are introductions to this genre.

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