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100 MUST-READS for KIDS 9-14

is the Noel Wien Library book display for March. Last summer, more than 2,000 National Public Radio listeners sent in their nominations for the best books for young readers. NPR’s expert panel combined audience favorites with their own choices to come up with a list of 100 must-reads. No matter your age, there are ‘great reads’ on this list. It’s a nice mix of ‘old favorites’ and titles that will be new to almost every one of us. So grab a few to read for the first time or to enjoy revisiting once again. The books (or series) are listed alphabetically by author, so there is no hierarchy here – just an overall elite group of good things to read. All are shelved in the Berry Room unless it’s noted otherwise on the list. Enjoy – and just in time for Spring Break, too!

100 Must Read for Kids

Special Travels

This month the library is highlighting a loooong booklist of titles that are about ‘Special Interest Travel’. Whether it’s adventure, wine, the arts, natural wonders, wildlife, gardens, unique hotels, historical significance, traveling alone or with children – the library has many titles to help you plan that special trip! If you save this list to use for planning at some undefined future date, please remember that the library’s system for shelving books is based on SUBJECT. So, if the items on the list are not on the shelf, the basic Call Number will get you to the right part of the collection. Happy planning – AND Bon Voyage, whenever or wherever it might be…

Special Interest Travels

Alaska Fiction Good Reads

This past autumn, Georgine Olson taught a five-part class on “Good Reads” in Alaskana Fiction for Fairbanks OLLI – with the hopes that the reading list for the class would also make a good display for Noel Wien Library. So it has! Here’s the combined list of the books presented during the OLLI class sessions.

“Good Reads” in Alaskana Fiction

Please note:
* The list is separated – as were the classes – into standard popular adult fiction genres. The books are ‘good reads’, not classics or high literature.
* The books present a reasonably accurate and recognizable picture of Alaska and Alaskan lifestyles as suited to its time, place, and genre.
* The list leans heavily to newer (2000 and later) titles – with a few standard older titles included.
* Some titles have been cataloged as ‘legends’ and ‘graphic literature’ – but everything on the list IS fiction.
* A handful of books not housed in the Alaskana collection were selected because they have a strong and important Alaska component even though they do not meet the FNSB Libraries’ definition of Alaskana.
* Alaskana series are represented by series name and/or the first title in the series. However, sometimes only a single title in a series takes place in Alaska; for these, only the Alaska-specific title appears on the list.
* Not all titles are owned by the FNSB Public Libraries. However, all are available through Interlibrary Loan. Please ask.

No December Booklist Display

During December, the main book display at Noel Wien is featuring ‘Lite Lit’ – This is an eclectic and random selection of (mostly) quick and easy reads and listens from the Noel Wien print and audiobooks collections. Emphasis is on short stories that are cozy or quirky reads – something to enjoy during those few, treasured quiet moments that occasionally crop up during this busy season. Stop by and snag a few of these ‘mind breaks’ to lighten up your precious down-time.

The Most Influential Fiction of the 20th Century

In 1998, towards the end of the 20th century, librarians across the country were asked to select the most influential fiction of the century. Here’s a list of the top 100 titles – with brief annotations to help you remember whether or not these are books you DID read or entice you to try some that slipped past you all those years ago! The full list of 150 titles was published in Library Journal magazine in November 1998.