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Distribution of Non-Library Literature

As part of their public service and information mission, the Fairbanks North Star Borough Public Libraries have established separate types of areas for the distribution of literature not part of the library’s collection. Each area represents a different type of public forum and is controlled by different regulations. Non-library literature may not be distributed at library programs.

The provision of these areas does not constitute library endorsement of the beliefs or viewpoints advocated by the literature or of the organizations responsible for it.

1. Library Lobbies (designated as limited public forum)

The library will make space available for literature, either as handouts or posted notices, from Fairbanks North Star Borough non-profit organizations or governmental agencies engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities.

General literature may be available in the lobby in areas designated by the Library Director on a space available basis. Literature announcing non-recurring future events will have priority use of this space.

No solicitation or active distribution of literature will be permitted in the lobbies.

2. Interior service areas of the Libraries (closed forum)

The library may make copies of documents addressing issues of local concern from governmental agencies or from private companies in fulfillment of governmental regulation available for public review. These documents will be available for an appropriate period of time and in an area designated by the Library Director, and they will not be available for circulation.

The library may distribute library-related material or other governmental resources at the discretion of the Library Director. No other distribution or display of literature and no solicitation will be permitted.

3. Library Entrance(s) and Walkway(s) (no public forum)

Because any restriction along the front walkway(s) to the main entrance(s) would hinder access by library users and present a potential safety hazard, there will be no distribution of literature or solicitation permitted in this area.

4. Library Grounds (open forum)

With the exception of the walkway(s) noted above, the grounds surrounding the library are an open forum. Individuals or groups may freely distribute literature on any topic, subject only to applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.

5. Administration

The Library Director is responsible for the administration of this policy, including:

A. Assigning the space available for literature;

B. Determining the duration of time specific literature will be available;

C. Assigning priority use of the space if the area is not sufficient for the requests;

D. Determining the qualifications of agencies or organizations requesting space for literature in Section 1 and Section 2 above.

6. Appeal

An individual or organization which disagrees with the decision of the Library Director may submit an appeal to the Library Commission.

A. If the literature is time-critical, the Commission will follow the appeal procedures established in the Library Display Policy;

B. If the literature is not time-critical, the Commission will follow the appeal procedures established in the Library Materials Selection Policy.

7. Sunset Clause

This policy will automatically terminate on the four year anniversary of its adoption unless renewed by the Library Commission before that date.


1. Number

– The library will accept as many copies of a handout as will fit in the space provided or one copy of a poster. The library will not store extra copies of a handout.

2. Size

– The library will accept handouts up to 8.5×11 inches and posters up to 14×17 inches.

3. Handling

– The library will time-stamp one copy of each handout received and keep it on file for 1 year. The library will dispose of any remaining copies of a handout after the event in the case of time-critical items, or when space is needed for time-critical items in the case of general literature.

4. Time-critical

– The Library Director will determine whether a piece of literature qualifies as announcing “non-recurring future events.” The library will accept time-critical literature no earlier than one month before the event.

5. Library-related

– The Library Director will determine which literature qualifies as “library-related.”

Revised 5/20/2009