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Gifts and Donations

Gifts and donations may be made to the Library in a number of ways:

  • By participating in the Adopt-an-Author program
  • By purchasing Memorial and Celebratory books
  • By donating used books and media
  • Through the Library Foundation


You can “adopt” one or more of your favorite authors. By adopting an author, you agree to purchase all copies of the books published by the author, OR, you may opt to purchase only the first copy of each title. Any discount the library receives on purchased items is applied to the cost you pay. As an adopter, you will have the option of being the first to check out your author’s books, and each adopted book will have a bookplate inscribed with your name.

If you are interested in adopting an author, please print the Adopt-an-Author (electronic format) form and return it to the Library. (This is a PDF document and requires Adobe Reader to access and read).

Memorial & Celebratory Books

Consider honoring someone special. Congratulate a graduate, honor an anniversary, thank a co-worker, or present a memorial.

The library accepts monetary donations for the purchase of library materials to honor the memory of individuals or to celebrate a special occasion. Bookplates are placed in the materials acknowledging the honoree and the donor. Notification is sent to the memorial family or the honoree, listing the items purchased. For your convenience, a form has been included that you may download and print. Complete the form and return it to the library by mail, FAX or email, as indicated on the form. For questions, call the Administration Office at 907-459-1022.

Memorial/Donation form (electronic format) (This is a PDF document and requires Adobe Reader to access and read).

Used Books and Audio-visual Material

The libraries accept donations of used books and audio-visual materials. Items that meet the libraries’ selection policy and are in good condition are added to the collection. Those items not selected are sold in the libraries’ ongoing book sale, and all proceeds from the book sale are used to purchase library materials. Alaska Magazine is the only used magazine the libraries accept.

Please bring donations to the Noel Wien Library Circulation Desk, or to the North Pole Branch library. Let staff know if you would like a receipt so they can confirm the number and type of items donated. Please be aware that we are not qualified to determine the value of your donation for tax purposes.

Library Foundation

The Library Foundation is a non-profit organization that accepts contributions in any form, raises money through selling specialty items, and maintains an endowment fund to ensure ongoing financial support for the library. The members serve to promote the library by providing assistance and funding for special projects, programs, and services that enrich the lives of borough residents.

Book tiles are one of the Foundation’s specialty sale items. Nancy Hausle-Johnson, a noted local ceramic artist, makes the tiles in a variety of sizes and colors. The shelves holding the ceramic tiles are located just inside Noel Wien Library’s main entrance, and generate positive comments from visitors. The tiles make wonderful gifts to recognize individuals and families, or may be purchased as a memorial.

For more information about the Book Tile Project, write the Foundation in care of Noel Wien Library, 1215 Cowles St., Fairbanks, AK 99701, or call 907-459-1020 and select Administrative offices.