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Film Series for Adults

Noel Wien Library Third Thursday Film Series for Adults

June – December 2014

Award winning independent and international films for adult audiences.

Each program consists of two films: a short film first, followed by a feature film. Both films are on a single DVD that will be added to the library’s circulating DVD collection following the program.

7:00 p.m.; Noel Wien Library Auditorium

June 19

Aliyah (France) Alex, 27, lives in Paris, sells drugs for a living, and frequently pays off his brother’s debts. When a cousin tells him he’s opening a restaurant in Tel Aviv, Alex thinks that this might be the opportunity he has been waiting for. But in order to leave, Alex must find enough money and accomplish his “aliyah” which involves, among other things, Hebrew lessons and connecting with his Jewish roots. He would also have to leave his beloved Paris, his former lover Esther, his lifelong friend Mathias, and Jeanne, a woman who has the potential of becoming important to his life. (2012; 88 min; crime/thriller; French with English subtitles)

On the Road to Tel-Aviv (Israel) In the wake of a terrorist attack, a young Israeli and his fiancé are in a tricky situation when a suspicious-looking Arab woman boards their bus (2008; 15 min; Hebrew with English subtitles)

July 17

Broken (UK) – The summer holidays have just begun and 11 year-old Skunk’s days are full of daydreams and wanderings around her neighborhood. When, one day, Skunk discovers her bitter and angry older neighbor, savagely beating a psychologically-troubled boy from the neighborhood because the neighbor’s daughter has falsely accused the boy of rape, Skunk’s innocence begins to vanish. Trying to find solace with her loving nanny and father, Skunk is unwittingly drawn into her neighbors’ unfolding melodrama involving violence, sex, and life-shattering illness. Her home, her neighborhood and her school all become treacherous environments where a happy childhood gives way to fear-filled doubt. Overwhelmed by her experiences, Skunk withdraws into herself. (91 min; English)

The Way the World Ends (USA) – An ordinary suburban couple discovers that their world simply vanished during the night. Yet, even stranger, all of their neighbors carry on as if nothing has changed. (15 min.; English)

August 21

The Deflowering of Eva van End (Netherlands) – In this blend of satire and sincerity, a dysfunctional family gets turned on its head when the ‘perfect’ exchange student moves in. Every member of the van End family is preoccupied with his or her own concerns – be it father’s Skype relationship with a boy in Africa, or mother’s tirades against her dope-dealing youngest son or praises for her soon-to-marry eldest son. Trapped in the middle is the youngest – 15 year-old Eva – struggling for any attention or affection. When the German exchange student moves in, the family is shocked, and each must confront his or her own doubts, insecurities, fears and desires. During his two week stay, all five family members began to change, led by their former wallflower, Eva. (94 min; Dutch with English subtitles)

Arie (Netherlands) – Mr. Manders lives in a retirement home with his beloved canary Arie. The sudden loss of this bright yellow spot in his gray existence surprisingly brings new friendships and unexpected joy. (10 min.; Dutch with English subtitles)

September 18

Watchtower (Turkey) – Haunted by a tragic incident, Nihat isolated himself by becoming a fire warden in a remote observation tower far out in the wilderness. Seher lives in a makeshift room at a bus station and has taken a job as a bus hostess to escape her own traumatic past. They go about their solitary lives until their fates collide. Beginning at first as muted antagonism, their relationship turns into tender domesticity as they settle together at Nihat’s mountain-side watchtower. Yet the weight of the past presses on the silence between them, serving as the ultimate catalyst in their relationship. (100 min; Turkish with English subtitles)

The Foreigner (Greece/USA) – A remote Greek village needs to grow in order to avoid being cut off by the government. When a foreigner stumbles into town, the mayor rallies the townspeople to convince him to stay. (17 min.; Greek with English subtitles)

October 16

The Iran Job (USA) – When an American basketball player accepts a job to play in Iran, he expects the worst. But he finds a country brimming with generosity, acceptance, and sensuality. With a charismatic personality that charms everyone he meets, he forms an unlikely friendship with three outspoken Iranian women who share with him their strong opinions on everything, from politics to religion to gender roles. His season in Iran culminates in something much bigger than basketball: the uprising of Iran’s reformist Green Movement. (95 min; Farsi with English subtitles)

City Bomber (Germany) – An architect walks a tightrope between being a loving father and a vengeful bomber when his young daughter is stuck in front of a building he is to blow up. (22 min; German with English subtitles)

November 20

In the Name Of (Poland) – Adam is a Catholic priest who discovered his calling at the relatively late age of 21. He now lives in a village in rural Poland where he works with teenagers with behavioral problems. He declines the advances of a young woman, saying he is already spoken for. However, celibacy is not the only reason for his rejection. Adam desires men and his embrace of the priesthood has been a flight from his own sexuality. When he meets Lukasz, the taciturn son of a rural family, Adam’s abstinence becomes a heavy burden. (102 min.; Polish with English subtitles)

Summer Vacation (Israel) – Yuval is on summer vacation with his family, enjoying sea, sun, and sand until an unexpected encounter with his past threatens their paradise. (22 min; Hebrew with English subtitles)

December 18

Tanta Agua (Uruguay, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany) – What could be worse than being 14 and on vacation with your father, stuck indoors during a seemingly endless rainstorm? Alberto and his two children go to a hot springs resort for a vacation. But the springs are closed due to heavy rain, and Lucia rebels against her father’s attempts at quality family time. When Lucia meets others her age, equally bored, her vacation starts looking up. But flings can be fleeting, and it’s her father’s insistence they spend time together that proves to be the best part of their unexpectedly enjoyable getaway. (102 min; Spanish with English subtitles)

Home Road Movies (UK) – The real-life story of a shy and awkward father who desperately wanted the family car to make him a better parent. (12 min; English)

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updated June 25, 2014