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November 2013

In 1998, towards the end of the 20th century, librarians across the country were asked to select the most influential fiction of the century. Here’s a list of the top 100 titles – with brief annotations to help you remember whether or not these are books you DID read or entice you to try some that slipped past you all those years ago! The full list of 150 titles was published in Library Journal magazine in November 1998.

October 2013

The list is drawn from more than 75,000 ballots cast in National Public Radio’s annual summer reader’s survey in 2012. The list is a mix of individual titles and series and is 100% fiction. It’s multigenerational, with top 100 “winners” harking back to the teen years of the parents and grandparents of today’s teens. It includes old favorites that are now assigned reading in schools – as well as newer titles and authors that are quite unfamiliar to many a 21st century grandparent. Oh, yes, stop on by and pick up something teen-ish to read the 13th to the 19th; it’s Teen Read Week.

Top 100 Best Ever Teen Books

September 2013

September is harvest time in Alaska, so it’s a good time to celebrate a harvest – and the use thereof – grapes and the resulting wine!

We have two lists for your pleasure:
Uncorking Facts about Wine – complex, with earthy overtones
Decanting (some) Wine Fiction – smooth, rich, and mysterious

July 2013

Selected fiction with a strong sense of place for all 50 states…

Can you remember reading a book – or a series of books – that made you feel like you were “there”? A book where the author made the time and location so real that you could almost smell the pizza, hear the screech of the sea gulls, feel the heat radiating off the sidewalk, or see the craggy mountains rising in front of you… Readers call that a ‘strong sense of place’ – and this list offers you three opportunities to experience some of the uniqueness of each of our fifty states. Happy reading!

Reading Across The United States

June 2013

Yep! Summer is really, truly here. Solstice is just a few weeks away, and we’re at just about full daylight. Here are three booklists to help you get the most out of this short, glorious season: Cooking & Entertaining; Yard & Garden; and, the most important – Enjoy It!

Summer in your Garden

Summer – Enjoy It

Summer Cooking and Entertainment

May 2013

  • Many a fine fiction author has taken a look at past historical events and reinterpreted them or even “solved” some long-time puzzles. This blending of historical fact and authorial fiction is sometimes called FACTION. May’s booklist offers up a broad sampling of Crime Faction – fiction based on well-known crimes. Read a few – and see if you can figure out where the facts end, and the writer’s imagination takes over!

April 2013

  • Someone suggested that the library had some really good books about wilderness survival and that it would be a good subject for a monthly display. She was right! So, with the help of a couple of library selectors, we have THREE new bibliographies highlighting Wilderness Survival. They are: Narratives and Memoirs (Mary Ellen Baker), How-To (Patty Kunz), and Fiction (Georgine Olson). Enjoy!

March 2013

  • Here’s a list of what’s available at FNSB libraries – from time-honored favorites to more recent titles. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in Biblical fiction. Authors have responded, and there’s now quite a bit of enjoyable fiction set in the land and times of the Old and New Testament.

February 2013

  • It’s Chocolate! Cooking, Facts, and Fiction. February is still cold – and nice, rich chocolate goodies will help warm us up. Also, February is the month of Valentine’s Day – and love and chocolate seem to go together (though there are a goodly number of many murder mysteries on the Chocolaty Fiction list!)

January 2013

  • “Series with Quirky Characters” Here’s some light reading for days that are still short and dark. Here you will find some evidence that we Alaskans cannot lay claim to ALL of the quirky, unusual, and intriguing personalities around. These authors MUST have based their characters on some sort of reality, right? Right….

December 2012

November 2012

  • 100 Most Celebrated Travel Books of All Time – Compiled by World Hum in 2010, and edited for FNSB libraries in October 2012. Celebrated Travel Books

October 2012

September 2012

  • Fahrenheit 451 If authorities were burning all books, everywhere – here’s a list of books some Fairbanksans would want to memorize and save for future generations.


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