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Rules for Use of Group Study Rooms

The person who has provided identification in order to use this room is responsible for ensuring that it is used according to the following rules; and for any damage that might be done to the room or its furnishings.

  1. Capacity is not to exceed 4, 6, 8, and 10 people respectively.
  2. No food is allowed. Covered drinks only.
  3. Room is to remain unlocked while in use.
  4. Furniture may not be removed from nor added to the room.
  5. Noise inside the room must be inaudible outside the room.
  6. No materials may be affixed to walls or other surfaces.
  7. Users must notify the Reference Desk when finished.
  8. Lights must remain on.
  9. Television screen must be aimed away from the public area of the library.
  10. Rooms may not be left unattended.
  11. Only 1 library DVD may be used at a time.

Violation of any of the above rule is grounds for the entire group’s having to forfeit use of the room.