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Adopt A Magazine


I agree to pay for a subscription to the periodical listed below for the Fairbanks North Star Borough Public Libraries during three successive fiscal years (July 1 - June 30), starting in fiscal year *

The library will use its regular agent for the subscription and will provide a copy of the renewal invoice listing the title's actual cost.

I understand that the most recent issue of this periodical will be placed in a display binder with a note that I adopted it and that all other issues will be available for circulation.

I understand all decisions concerning the selection and location of all library materials are the library's responsibility.*
Patron: *
Library Card #:*
Adopt-A-Magazine agreement's require the applicants signature. You must come by the Noel Wien Library at 1215 Cowles Street, Fairbanks, AK and sign this agreement prior to any purchases being made by the FNSB Public Libraries.
Todays Date:*
The Library’s Materials Selection Policy, which is the policy that guides the selection of all library materials, is available upon request at the library or may be accessed through the library's web page.
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