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Request for Reconsideration

A patron who is concerned about material in the collection may express that concern to a professional staff member and/or the Library Director. A patron who would like the Selection Committee to reconsider items in the collection will be given a Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form, and will be informed of the reconsideration procedure. Upon receipt of the completed form, the Selection Committee will re-evaluate the item in terms of the selection criteria, collection assessment data, collection profiles, and the library’s mission statement. The Library Director will communicate the committee’s decision to the individual who submitted the request for reconsideration. As outlined in the library's Materials Selection Policy:
Type of Material:*
Copyright/Issue Date
I have examined:*
I learned about this title:
I specifically object to:*
I request that the library take the following action:*
I represent:*
If an organization, it is:
Phone Number:
Submission Verification: