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Tuesday, August 4th, 1:30 PM
Noel Wien Library Auditorium

Pick up a copy of the printed August Berry Room calendar for information on the movie being shown, or call 459-1052. The movie is shown on the big screen in the Noel Wien Library Auditorium. Popcorn munchies are served. Auditorium doors open ten minutes before movie starts.

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Mother Moose

Thursday, July 30th,10:30 AM
Berry Room Story Area

A short rhyme, story, and activity time for the under two set (infants and toddlers from birth to 23 months) and a parent or caregiver.
No registration is required.

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Summer Reading Program **Ending Costume Parade**

Summer Reading Program **Ending Costume Parade**


Last Hurrah!
Join us, rain or shine, on Friday, July 24th 6:30-7:30 pm
for a fun costume parade at Pioneer Park!
(corner of Airport Way and Peger Road, Fairbanks)

Come in costume OR dress as yourself and bring a noisemaker
or kazoo to use as you parade with us through the park!
We’ll start at the center pavilion near the playground and then finish there with ice cream as we say good-bye to this year’s Summer Reading Fun.

Summer Reading Program booklets will not be checked in at this event.

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July 2015

Travel in Time

The characters from the books on this month’s display travel in time to the past, future, and all over the universe. The books are from many different genres including; fantasy, romance, science fiction, mystery, and more. There are two different lists available with the display, “Time Travel Books Published Before 2000 (All are Adult Fiction unless indicated)”, and “Time Travel Books Published After 2000 (All are Adult Fiction unless indicated)”. If you like the idea of traveling back to the time of the dinosaurs or travelling to the last days of the Earth then come see what period of time these books will take you to.

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June 2015

Family Listening

This month the FNSB Libraries offer a list of audiobooks that have been endorsed as enjoyable and appropriate for folks aged 8 to 80 as they travel together – whether on the road or snug in a cabin or tent far from the wired world. The books on the list come from the Berry Room, the YA section, Adult Fiction, and Non-Fiction. All have been recommended by library folk. Those listed with initials in parentheses at the end of the annotation were suggested by FNSB Library staff – so keep a special eye out for those! Happy Listening!

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