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The Author Did What?!

There’s something about shared shock that helps make it more bearable. Please consider the October 2016 booklist as a litany of shared distress – the sinking feeling that a reader has when a vile, evil miasma takes over a favorite author’s mind with the end result being the untimely demise of a favorite or major character – often in a series! While this list probably contains some spoilers you might prefer to avoid, it’s a testament to reader loyalty and ability to forgive errant authors. We give you The Author Did What?! – The Killing Off of Major or Favorite Characters. Maybe Halloween ghosts are not the worst ways to disturb one’s sense of well being…

100 Years of Western Fiction

You are invited to take a literary journey to days of yore in our country’s West. 100 Years of Western Fiction: the 20th Century is a list with a century’s worth of best reads, and some fine, fine films. Many are genre Westerns, but you will also find enjoyable titles simply about The West – with nary a cowboy in sight.

Special Booksale Pricing at Noel Wien Library

Special Booksale Pricing at Noel Wien Library


Announcing a new language database: Pronunciator!

Announcing a new  language database:  Pronunciator!


Best Crime Novels 2005-2015

For those who regularly enjoy Crime Fiction and for those who enjoy reading the “Best” books, the June-July book display – Best Crime Novels 2005-2015 – could well include a few titles you just might have missed. Then, too, if Crime Fiction is a genre unfamiliar to you, this might well be a good starting point for your reading pleasure. It might be hard for newcomers to the genre to believe, but these novels of not-so-nice people doing not-so-nice things run from the expected ‘noir’ and creepy suspense to laugh-out-loud funny. Enjoy!