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General Information


As a convenience to patrons, the library will soon begin sending email “Pre-Overdue Notices” 2 days before items are due. These notices are a reminder of your library due dates.
You have several options once you have received the notice:
• Keep the item(s) and return as you normally would
• Renew item(s) online or by phone before the item(s) become overdue
• Return item(s) on your next visit to the library

To update your email address, please see a Circulation staff person.
Please feel free to contact the library at (907) 459-1020.
Thank You.

Parks & Recreation Closures:

Hamme Pool: May 19 – June 8
MSRC: July 4 – 27
Wescott Pool: August 4 – 24
Big Dipper Ice Arena: June 2 – August 21