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September 2015

In 2010, the “Taking a Year” display / booklist – about people who dedicated a year (more or less) to pursuing a dream or tackling a special task – was wildly popular. So, here’s a new “Special Year” list of similar titles about personal adventures or self-discovery. All titles have been published since 2010. May you enjoy reading about your contemporaries’ choices and adventures.

August 2015

Epistolary Fiction

The books on this month’s display are written in letter and diary form which allow the reader to gain a better insight into the lives of the characters. Many different genres are represented on this list including; western, romance, mystery, historical fiction, dystopia, and more. If you enjoy reading books with characters you can relate to and connect with then come see where these books will take you.

July 2015

Travel in Time

The characters from the books on this month’s display travel in time to the past, future, and all over the universe. The books are from many different genres including; fantasy, romance, science fiction, mystery, and more. There are two different lists available with the display, “Time Travel Books Published Before 2000 (All are Adult Fiction unless indicated)”, and “Time Travel Books Published After 2000 (All are Adult Fiction unless indicated)”. If you like the idea of traveling back to the time of the dinosaurs or travelling to the last days of the Earth then come see what period of time these books will take you to.

June 2015

Family Listening

This month the FNSB Libraries offer a list of audiobooks that have been endorsed as enjoyable and appropriate for folks aged 8 to 80 as they travel together – whether on the road or snug in a cabin or tent far from the wired world. The books on the list come from the Berry Room, the YA section, Adult Fiction, and Non-Fiction. All have been recommended by library folk. Those listed with initials in parentheses at the end of the annotation were suggested by FNSB Library staff – so keep a special eye out for those! Happy Listening!

May 2015

People always seem to be interested in the “best” of anything. In the library world, we are often asked for lists of “great books” of one kind or another. When it comes to newer books, critics and literary folks often strive to determine which new title is the next classic – the next Shakespeare, Faulkner, or Steinbeck. Well, to help YOU decide what YOUR new classics might be, we’ve compiled FIVE “best lists” and titled it, The NEW Classics?: great reads from 1985 to 2010. The lists came from a variety of (reputable) sources: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, Entertainment Weekly,, and May you have a wonderful time reading – and finding your own ‘new classics’.